SDV-BS , Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety, Formerly MED A-3

This SDV-BS course provides basic safety training for crew-members on:

  • Fishing vessels not more than 15 GT.
  • Small passenger vessels (up to 12 passengers), work boats, sport fishing charters.
  • All other Small commercial vessels not more than 15 GT, including passenger vessels, with un-berthed accommodation only, but not including ferries, on Home Trade IV and Minor Waters voyages.

This is an 8-hour course, Formerly known as the MED -A 3, done in one day. The exam is a simple 25 question multiple choice. You receive your certification upon successful completion.  Please supply Heads-Up Navigation with your CDN if you have one when registering.

PRICE: $295.00 per person (includes books), (GST extra).

COURSE DATES: 2024: Currently all courses are suspended due to illness.  Sorry.

Extra classes will be inserted when requested. Private and extra courses will be added any time at the customers location or in Sidney. A minimum of 8 is required for out of town locations.

SVOP (Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Course)

This SVOP course is a stand-alone course addressing the particular needs for some minimum standards of training for operators of:

  • Commercial vessels, other than tugs, up to 15 Gross Tonnage operating not more than 25 miles offshore.
  • Fishing vessels up to 15 Gross Tonnage or 12 meters overall length operating not more than 25 miles offshore.
  • Passenger vessels, work-boats, sport fishing charters.

This is a 26 hour course and is done in 4 days from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. each day. The course ends with a 50-question exam which if successfully completed gives you your certificate. Please supply Heads-Up Navigation with your CDN number if you have one when registering, Thanks.

SVOP certificate holders  will be grandfathered in to the new course once it has been approved.  It is a 5 day course with modules.

PRICE: $695. per person (includes manual, (GST extra). Parallel rulers and dividers will be provided on day 3 for use by the students. Anyone wishing to purchase the tools can so at class. Kits start at $55.00 plus GST

COURSE DATES: 2024:  Currently all courses are suspended due to illness.  Sorry.

Once the new course is approved for training, there will be an increase in hours, fees and separate fees for the one day certificate course also.

(Note: This course certificate qualifies under CSA rules as an Equivalent to the PCOC card. In other words if you already have this you do not require a PCOC.)

ROC-M (VHF-DSC)Radio License Exams, And DSC Update Exams

This is an Industry Canada course contracted to Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, headquarters in Toronto. There are 60 Multiple choice questions with a 42/60 pass and 3 verbal questions 2 /3 to be correct. Know your phonetic alphabet and how to make all the calls. Your radio card is green in colour. If you have an old card which is beige, cream or made of paper, they are no longer legal with our new DCS radios, or for working commercially. You can no longer upgrade them, you must write a new exam!  You will receive a temporary certificate by email, and the hard green card comes from Toronto in about 6 weeks. 

Most students will choose to challenge the exam. It will save some cost. If you wish to sit in on a short seminar, Heads-Up Navigation Ltd. runs these in conjunction with the other courses offered at the school, usually on Saturdays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. If you don’t pass you can return the next day to write another exam at no further cost. There are 4 different exams available.

Prices: Exam challenge and manual $205.00.   Book mailout $25.00  Currently any challenges will be in The Qualicum, Nanaimo area due to illness.

At any time you lose this card you can have it replaced through CPS in Toronto at 1-888-CPS-BOAT or better still use the online replacement link at: